Meet Elle, Alex and their two pups Lady and Clyde!

Before The Ellenor, Elle had different intentions in her future endeavors. After graduating from the University of Arizona in the Winter of 2021, she was prepared to move to Nashville and continue her education in a Physicians Assistant program. When she came to St. Louis, Elle and Alex deceided to get their first furry friend, Lady. From there, it was hard for Elle to say goodbye. Thankfully for Alex, she stuck around!

Elle LOVES cute baby clothes and was tough for her to find what she was looking for in St. Louis. One night at Olive and Oak Pizza, the idea sparked - The Ellenor, Specialty Baby Boutique!

If you've ever been in before, you've probably met Alex. Alex's title is sometimes the 'Tech Guy', 'Bag stamper', 'food deliverer' depending on how Elle feels that day, but most commonly the Embroiderer. Alex has loved embroidering and getting creative!

Sometimes, you can find Lady and Clyde behind the counter trying to say hello to everyone!